For Candidates

The Hiring Partner Inc treats the interview process with the utmost care and detail. Candidates are prepared for interview meetings coached with:

– knowing the job you are applying for – ensuring candidates are comfortable and qualified for the position

– become familiar with your future employer- knowing and understanding the firm, the culture and what is required to be successful

– first impression – dress for success- do’s and don’ts for your initial meeting and making a lasting first impression

Resume Writing

The resume – a brief overview of the sections you should include:

  1. Before you begin writing, take time to do a self assessment on paper. Outline your skills, abilities and work experience. This will ensure you have not missed any key career accomplishments.
  2. Name, address, telephone and email. All your contact information should go centered at the top of your resume. Tip: Avoid using nicknames.
  3. Objective summary: an objective summary tells potential employers about the type of role your are interested in. Be specific about the type of job you want. Tailor your objective to the employer/job you are seeking.
  4. Education: Listing your education confirms you are interested in a position related to your educational studies. Include any degree / diplomna achieved and the institution you received it from. Mention academic achievements such as making the dean’s list.
  5. Work experience: Start from your current job and work backwards till you reach you first, relevant job. Describe your responsibilities with an emphasis on specific skills or achievements you think the prespective employer would be most interested in. Be sure to include title, name of company and the start and end dates of your employment with them.

Tip 1

Research the company:

  1. What does the company do (make note of all area of law practice)?
  2. How and when was the company founded?
  3. Have they been in the news recently? Knowing key current events happening within the company shows your interest in them.
  4. Social media: Don’t forget to check out if they have Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Tip 2

Before your interview:

  1. Make sure you fully understand the job you are applying for.
  2. What is the role of the people you are meeting with?
  3. Who are the major competitors of the company you are applying to?
  4. As well as getting to know the company; you want to be aware of recent industry events like a major merger.

Tip 3

During and after your interview:

  1. understand things that can lengthen your travel time to your meeting.  Search online for traffic, ttc and Go train delays, construction, etc.  And allow extra time for unforeseen delays.
  2. Keep the previous employment experiences you share relevant and positive during your meeting.  Hearing a number of previous issues or being unable to provide a relevant example with a past employer can be concerning to a future employer.
  3. Always thank the interviewer for their time, leave the meeting on a positive note.

Tip 4

Your References:

CHECK FIRST: Confirm with people whether or not they are willing to give positive reference information before providing their name.

RELEVANT: Select individuals who can confirm your abilities and have worked with you recently.

Referral Program

We like to reward people who refer friends and colleagues to us.

If we place a referred candidate, we will send along a token of our appreciation.